Office of Student Activities starts new Organization Leadership Consultants program

Tandra Smith and Taisha White

The Office of Student Activities will be welcoming six new Organization Leadership Consultants (OLC), a new position designed for student leaders to promote organizational leadership on campus, in the 2016-2017 academic year.

“The Organizational Leadership Consultant’s program is designed to enhance student leadership opportunities as well as provide services, programs and resources for student organizations and student leaders. Organization Leadership Consultants will serve as program coordinators, facilitators, student organization trainers and workshop presenters,” Cara Wood, assistant director of Student Organization Development for the Office of Student Activities, said.

The OLC position was created to help the Office of Student Activities reach more student organizations through peer-facilitated programs. The OLC’s will act as ambassadors for the OSA by coordinating and/or facilitating various programs.

Bryanna Evans, freshman public relations major, explains how the OLC position could help her learn to network and connect with other students.

“For me, although I am a [public relations] major, I still struggle with networking with people, especially new people. Lately I have been putting myself in positions to where I can lead groups and have to talk to people,” Evans said. “People like me, who are not so comfortable socially, should take opportunities like this in this area and I think that this position would help.”

In early February, the Office of Student Acitivites sought out nominations from faculty and staff for outstanding student leaders. The application and interview process concluded in March, but interested students are encouraged to apply next year.

“Our goals for each OLC is that they grow as a student leader and that they are able to engage in peer-to-peer discussions and education. We hope to grow the program into a highly sought after leadership position on campus,” Wood said.

When it comes to applying for jobs, leadership skills are key for any student.

Katherine Milton, junior biology major, said, “So many job opportunities are full of leadership positions. You either need to know how to be a leader or follow a leader. Anyone needs to take a few hints or lessons from a leadership position like this.”

Wood anticipates that the application process will reopen Feb. 2017.

Wood said, “Students will be able to apply on the Office of Student Activities myInvolvement page. Any interested student can also contact the Office of Student Activities for more details.”