DIY Avocado Hair Repair Mask

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  • By Meg Elwood

  • By Meg Elwood

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Annie Mohr

Summer is fast approaching, and while the sun has made the blondes blonde, it can also leave hair dry, damaged and in need of some serious help. Hair masks can be expensive, but luckily there are hair restoring products right in your fridge.

This avocado based hair mask is made of all-natural ingredients that will help refresh your hair and replenish it of natural oils that are stripped away by the sun.

The benefits:

  • Egg is protein rich and will help strengthen hair along with keeping natural oils that normal shampoo can strip away.
  • Avocado is high in fat content, which will make her less dry and prone to breakage.
  • Olive oil will leave hair shiny, and maintain natural oils.
  • Coconut oil stimulates hair growth and helps to maintain a healthy scalp.


· 1 avocado

· 2 large eggs

· 1 tbsp of olive oil

· 1/3 cup of coconut oil

Step 1: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together until you reach a smooth consistency. The mixture needs to be completely mashed together which may require use of a blender.

Step 2: Apply hair mask from the scalp to the end of your hair. Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with cold water.

The experience:

The process of applying the hair mask can be messy. The mixture will feel like a thick smoothie and it’s important the ingredients remain cool or else the hair mask will become runny and hard to apply. If done correctly it should go into the hair as easy as conditioner.

The smell of the hair mask may remind you of a bowl of guacamole, but it does not linger after it is washed out of the hair.

Since the mask contains no chemicals , it can be used as often as desired. Even after one use your hair can feel softer and smoother. Over multiple uses hair will become stronger and healthier.