Meet the SGA Exec Candidates – Spence-Wedincamp Ticket

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Jozsef Papp

Errol Spence

President of SGA

1st Year Graduate

MPH, health policy and management

I am running to be the President of our student body, because over my five years of service in the Student Government Association, I have gained the experience needed to efficiently move the organization forward and best advocate for the interests of the student body. As President of SGA, I think that one of the strengths required for the position is to understand the nuances of diplomacy. Much of the position requires understanding what stakeholders are involved in order to get our goals accomplished. Through my experiences in Model United Nations, five years of service in SGA and Congressional internships, I have had hands on application of the skills needed to accomplish goals in a variety of settings. I tirelessly chase perfection, and take care to see to it that the work produced by our organization is substantive and meaningful.

As the leader of the organization, one of my main goals is to ensure that every member is actively engaged. SGA should consist of a dynamic group of students who are continually working to encourage thoughtful exchange of concerns and ideas from each other as well as the student body, and eager to find viable solutions. One of my major accomplishments, as Vice President of Academic Affairs this year, has been facilitating the passage of the University Attendance Policy for University Sponsored Activities. It was in no way easy, but through commitment and hard work, we were able to get it done for you! I look forward to serving you one more time!

Michael Wedincamp

Executive Vice-President of SGA

1st Year Graduate

Public administration

My name is Michael Wedincamp and I am running for Executive Vice President of SGA. Serving as a senator this year has been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. Getting to know all of the senators, executive board members, and of course you, the students, was an experience of a lifetime. I look forward to doing it all over again next year, but I cannot do it without your help.

I have always been passionate about advocating for students’ needs. My participation on the executive boards of many student organizations will allow me to better serve you. I understand how to work with administrative bodies in order to accomplish substantive initiatives. While serving as a student government vice president I was able to work with fellow representatives to build a better campus environment. I have organized student political debates, campus entertainment activities, and community outreach efforts. This type of experience matters. As the Executive Vice President my goal is to work closely with each of the colleges’ senators. It is important for the SGA Senate to be a unified body and when this occurs, there is nothing that can stop the student voice. Student led organizations on campus should have more of a voice. The foundations have been laid out in a recent constitutional amendment for this to occur, but I would like to see it come to full fruition.

I cannot wait to put my experience and passion for advocacy to work for you. There is no goal unattainable when we work together.

Josh Archer

Vice-President of Auxillary Affairs of SGA


Computer science

Hey everyone, my name is Josh Archer and I am running for Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs. I am a senior majoring in computer science. I have served as a Senator and as Chair of the College of Engineering and Information Technology during my time past 2 years as member of Student Government. During my roles I have pushed to improve the WiFi on campus. I fought for vLab and more software for it so that we can spend less time traveling to campus and in return saving us time for our assignments. I have pushed to improve the freshmen experience by improving the mediums we pass information to them.

If I am elected, I will focus on improving the efficiency of admittance to sporting events and increasing effectiveness of concession lines. My other goal is to research ways to make meal plans more affordable and flexible for all students. It is my hope that all of you will elect me as your Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs so I can continue serving the Student Body.

Cooper Largent

Vice-President of Finance (2nd Term)


Information technology

My name is Cooper Largent and I am a junior information technology major. If I am re-elected as your Vice President of Finance, I will continue to pursue my goal of improving the fund request process. This will ensure that students receive the funding that they need in an efficient and timely manner.

Photo courtesy of Spence-Wendicamp Ticket.