Hawk Watch- One Week in

DJ Fullmer

It has been a full week since the Red-Shoulder Hawk Cam has been live, and so far two out of the three eggs have hatched.

The first egg hatched on April 6 and the bird’s sibling hatched the next day on April 7.

When asked about the chances of the third egg hatching, “My guess would be that the third egg will not hatch. There is no way of knowing why the third egg might not hatch, that’s just nature taking its course, ” Scott Courdin, the Curator of the Wildlife Center, said through an email.

Scott Courdin also went on to explain how the hawks came to Statesboro.

“The hawks are not park of any wildlife center display, they are completely wild. They have been coming back and using the same nest for several years, ” Courdin said.

This means the camera was set up in preparation of the hawks returning, and has not been touched at all in order to not to disturb the wildlife. According to the live feed’s stats, the babies will be dependent on the mom for up to 19 weeks, but they will leave the nest in around 45 days.

“The birds are wild, so once the young have fledged, they will be taken care of their parents for a short time. Once they have reached a certain age, they will be on their own. We have no control of what they do or where they go,” Courdin said.

The live stream is just a great way in order to watch nature happen in real time, and gives us an insight on the breeding habits of local wildlife. Hopefully the third egg will hatch soon, and you can keep up with the hawks at: http://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/wildlife/home/hawkcam/