Annual Relay for Life event to take place at GSU

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Taisha White and George Anderson

The American Cancer Society and Colleges against Cancer have teamed up to host the 4th annual Relay for Life of Georgia Southern University on April 22-23 at the Erk Russell Park.

“Cancer has no respect of person, age or ethnicity,” Chelsea Flowers, president of Relay for Life of GSU, said. “Cancer is something that affects everyone. So it’s important that we take the time to bring awareness to this issue.”

Relay for life is a international walking/running event, where teams and people come together to honor those who have cancer or have succumbed to the disease. The event brings communities together in hopes to bring in awareness and donations to help find a cure for the disease.

“I feel like it’s a good thing to promote so people can understand things they don’t have to deal with on a normal day basis,” Fred Thomas, senior computer science major, said.

Following this year’s theme, Woodstock, all sponsors are asked to decorate their booth in 70’s hippie style and those in attendance are encouraged to dress in that manner as well.

Currently, 21 teams have signed up to fundraise for the event and at the event, already raising over $4,000.

“The event gives a different atmosphere for students to interact with one another.It brings a lot of families together and gives off a close knit, family type feel,” Flowers said.

The event not only brings together students of GSU, but others communities across the city of Statesboro, with each year hosting between 300-600 people.

“It’s a good idea, but there are other ways for cancer prevention,” Trevor Wright, a freshman sports management major at Georgia Southern, said. “I would promote diet changes and lifestyle changes as well.”

Relay for life has been around since 1986 and has raised an estimated $5 billion.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Flowers.