A Piece of Nashville at Dingus Magee’s

Carlton Taylor

The Vegabonds, a new-age rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee, will be taking a pit stop at Dingus Magee’s this Friday night. They will be bringing the sweet sounds of the Music City to Statesboro on their nationwide tour to promote the release of their fourth album, “What We’re Made Of.”

According to their online biography, Daniel Allen (lead vocals), Paul Bruens (bass), Richard Forehand (guitars/vocals), Bryan Harris (drums) and Beau Cooper (keys/vocals), relate to their audience by telling their stories of love, growing up and overcoming hardships along their pathway to success.

The Vegabonds began their journey in 2009 as students at Auburn University. Paul Bruens, the bass player for the Vegabonds, said that they want to inspire the Georgia Southern public in the same ways they were inspired as students.

“We all came from a big music background,” Bruens said. “[Bryan] and I were in this band together, but our lead singer sucked…Daniel, our current lead singer, was a great singer, but his band was terrible.”

The road to creating the band had a few twists and turns. Bruens said that each of the musicians wanted to bring their talents to universities and ended up forming two different groups. It wasn’t until later that the two groups merged together, leaving some of the previous members behind, to form the Vegabonds.

“We grabbed the best vocalists and backing band in town,” Bruens said.

Once the group found each other and their sound, they were able to become one of Auburn’s more prominent groups and even gained European album sales as seniors in college. They have since been touring the country and performing at different venues and festivals.

“The Vegabonds’ sound fits our area well,” Will Bridwell, the owner of AirBound Entertainment, the local booking company presenting the Vegabonds, said. “They have flares of country, alternative, and blues.”

Bridwell further explained that this performance serves as a pre-show for “The Major Rager,” a musical experience that will be taking place in the city of Augusta next month.

“I’ve never heard of [The Vegabonds] but I am actually excited. There’s a first-time for everything. I believe that having performers who started out in a college town like ours is inspiring,” Veronika Snuggs, a sophomore education student and music lover, said.

For more information about the Vegabonds, check out their website at http://thevegabonds.com. You can also like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.