Update: Local Contestant on “Biggest Loser” Eliminated

Brea Dupye

The popular NBC weight loss show “Biggest Loser”, entered into its 17th season with 16 contestants all competing with the common goal of losing weight and becoming a healthier person.

According to the Statesboro Herald, Statesboro local Tonsheia “Toy” Grandison, was eliminated from the competition on Monday night, but feels the show has left a permanent mark in her life when it comes to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

“I make sure I stick to my healthy eating tool. I communicate with the show’s nutritionist; I communicate with my trainer with the show,” Grandison said.

Grandison started the show weighting 316 pounds, but her progress on how much weight she lost will not be exposed until the season’s finale on February 22. She advices those looking into becoming healthier, to start being as active as possible by starting at a slow pace, and pushing themselves more each day.

After being eliminated from the season, Grandison now has a more positive outlook on not only life, but also on herself.

Source: http://www.statesboroherald.com/section/1/article/72465/