Just in Case Dates

Ashlee Gilley

1. Friends and Feels

If you and a few of your single friends are bummed out about not having a date this Valentine’s day try having a night in, filled with your choice of snacks and a marathon of your favorite romantic comedies. It’s simple, yet perfect. This way you won’t feel down about being alone, you get to spend some quality time with your friends and you can live vicariously through the movie romances until the next love interest enters your life.

2. Hey, I Just Met You and… I Don’t Want To Scare You Off

If any of you’re in that honeymoon phase, and it’s a little too soon for a grand gesture, try something simple like going to the Wild Life Center on campus, or going for a walk around the lakes and a picnic on Sweetheart Circle. It’s simple, thoughtful, and says ‘I care’ but not ‘I just met you and I’m ready to propose’.

3. Love and Laughter

If you and your date just want to have a good time and forget all of the pressure, go somewhere like the Clubhouse. Whether it be a gutter ball, you losing a race or them getting more tickets in the arcade, this is bound to be an active, laughter filled date. You and your date can laugh the night away without having to worry whether or not the date was ‘perfect’ or ‘good enough’.

4. Truly, Madly, Deeply…..Broke

Being a college student often falls in line with being broke, or at least on a tight budget. So that can make holidays a little stressful, especially Valentine’s day. Start the night off with making your favorite meal together at home and spend the evening doing whatever activity you both love (video games, movies, etc). Here’s the kicker, try doing it all without your phones. This will show your honey that they have your undivided attention.

5. You Better Shape Up ‘Cause I Need A Plan

If your date is more of the traditional type, you can impress them by having the whole night planned out. Pick them up at a set time, greet them at the door (with flowers of course) and take them to dinner at an unexpected spot in town such as El Rinconcito or Coconut Thai. After dinner, gain extra points for taking a romantic walk around campus with ice cream. End the night with whatever activity the two of you want, and your date will be sure to stick around for more amazing Valentine’s Day Dates to come.