Annual Spring Concert to be replaced in 2016

Devin Conway

The Georgia Southern University Programming Board (UPB) has decided to cancel the annual spring concert in favor of a more collaborative experience for the campus community.

“Last year’s concert was a learning experience, and we’re excited to move forward with different events to enhance campus life,” Crystele Seya, junior human relations major and VP of Membership at UPB.

Last year’s performers, Quavious Marshall, Kirshnik Ball and Kiari Cephus of the group Migos, widely known by their pseudonyms Quavo, Takeoff and Offset, respectively, were arrested on felony and misdemeanor charges including possession of marijuana, possession of undisclosed schedule 2 narcotics and possession of loaded guns in a school zone.

As Quavo, Takeoff and Offset arrived on campus in two vans with a group of 13 others, police detected a potent marijuana smell.

The officers on the scene reached out to the drivers of the vehicles as the group’s members made their way into Hanner Fieldhouse, and as the concert began, their vehicles were searched.

The performance was shut down shortly thereafter, and the three were arrested after being brought into police custody along with the 13 accompanying members of their crew.

Students feel that the event being discontinued is a bad idea, but are excited to see what UPB has in-store for them.

“Live music brings a certain atmosphere that’s going to be hard to replace. I’m interested to see if the school’s organizations will be able to come together and plan an event that draws a similar amount of interest while maintaining that balance between security and sensibility that’s obviously being prioritized in this situation,” Ricky Carpenter, senior criminal justice major, said.

Quavo and Takeoff were released on bail, but Offset remained in Bulloch County jail from his April arrest until his hearing on Dec. 4.

Quavo and Takeoff were both sentenced to a year of probation.

Offset faced a total of nine charges including but not limited to: possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, two counts of violation of the street gang terrorism and prevention act, riot in a penal institution and battery.

He eventually accepted a plea deal, the terms of which included five years of probation, a $1000 fine and an outright ban from Bulloch, Effingham, Screven and Jenkins counties.

Students feel disappointed that the event has been replaced this year, but understand the reasons why.

“I understand the need to be cautious with this year’s spring concert because of what went down last year, but to get rid of the event seems a little extreme. I think we were all disappointed that we didn’t get a full performance last time around, so I hope something can be worked out to make up for it,” Ethan Von Behren, senior finance major, said.

UPB states that the Spring Bling concert was not directly responsible for the cancellation.

“It was definitely more of a creative decision. We’re looking to do something more diverse and inclusive that includes all student organizations. The replacement event will have a similar appeal as the concert with a few different elements,” Dorian Lambert, junior marketing major and VP of Administration at UPB, said.

After multiple inquiries, the UPB declined to comment on the details of potential replacement events, as they are still in the initial stages of the planning process.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Warnock.