The Perfect Guy Review

DJ Fullmer

It’s the perfect set up: girl meets guy, guy likes the girl but thinks they should wait to tie the knot, the girl leaves the guy and somehow immediately finds ‘the one.’ Except, it turns out this new man is not everything he seems to be. He can smooth talk her friends, smooth talk her husband, but he can’t seem to control his temper tantrums.

This is the premise of the Perfect Guy starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut. It’s a by the book romantic thriller. A damsel in distress needs someone to save her, but since she is just a dame she chooses the wrong person, according to this movie. She goes back to the original boyfriend, and the ex now is out to destroy her world. Now that I have described the plot in two different lights, is the ending obvious? Pretty much.

If you waited until the very last minute to do anything for Valentine’s Day, it would still be better to go to Redbox to rent a romantic movie. This is a by the books romantic thriller; it does cause some genuine tension, but overall it’s not worth a second look.

Is it worth not paying money for it? No, go see Deadpool or Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies if you want a movie with some action then romance.

Perfect Guy:

2 Temper Tantrums out of 5

*This review was based off the trailer