UPB to Host 80s Skate Night Party

Carlton Taylor and Ashlee Gilley

No Migos, Lady Antebellum or Nick Jonas? Nope. There will be no spring concert this year.

The University Programming Board (UPB) is preparing to do something a bit different for the student body this semester, but don’t get your underwear in a knot just yet. UBP has a plan.

“We definitely want to get people more involved,” Aneshia Black, a member of the UPB public relations committee, said. “We want to get everyone from other organizations and majors to experience each other as Eagles.”

Sounds great, but what happened to the spring concerts?

“Spring concerts aren’t a given thing,” Tierney Ridley, UPB President, said. Ridley continued by saying that the concert was not cancelled or replaced and that there were no original plans to have one this year.

“Keep your mind open to new things. We’ve got you guys,” Imani Jordan, another member of the public relations committee, said. “We know what you like and we are going to spice it up.”

So, what exactly does this mean for our campus? Well, have you stumbled across a UPB flyer that mentioned a skate party? (But George, there aren’t any skating rinks in Statesboro. I’m from here so I know.) There are no skating rinks in the Boro but that doesn’t mean we can’t create one of our own.

UPB will be turning the Williams Student Center Multi-Purpose Room into a throwback roller skating wonderland on Thursday.

“The event is mirrored after a traditional roller skating rink so there will be skating, music, fun lights, beaded curtains like your parents or grandparents used to have and concessions for sale,” Memory Littles, advisor for UPB, said. “We’ll even have throwback candy like candy necklaces and fun dip.”

According to Ridley, there will be 450 skates available for the student body, but if you own a pair of skates, you are more than welcome to bring them as well. Though it is called an 80’s skate night, it is meant to be more of a thow-back night.

“DJ Nino will play a few of today’s hits but the environment is supposed to be reminiscent of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s…you know when we were all young and life was good & easy…when your biggest decision in life was not about having homework and papers due but deciding what you were going to wear to the skating rink that Friday night,” Littles said.

Show up and show out in your best 80s get-up, but don’t forget to dress comfortably. As long as they are appropriate, costumes are highly encouraged.

“We want people to break out their sweatbands, off the shoulder shirts and leg warmers,” Littles said.

UPB will not be providing socks, so be sure to bring your own if you plan on grabbing some skates.You should also be prepared for some random trivia if you want to be able to win some prizes.

Be on the lookout for other UPB events, including the Mr. GSU Pageant, Finals Fest, and an all-new collaborative spring event that will bring music to our ears! Other events such as this one are in the works and will be disclosed at another given time.

Littles gave us a sneak peak into another upcoming event on March 30, which will be a canoe race. You can register and find out more information on the UPB myInvolvement page. If you are interested in joining the organization, look out for the applications on myInvolvement.