The Pet Project: Bailey

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Ashlee Gilley

The Pet Project is a new biweekly section featuring adoptable cats and dogs of all ages and breeds available in the Statesboro area. All of the animals shown in this section will be from the Humane Society of Statesboro & Bulloch County unless stated otherwise. Help them find a new home.

Name: Bailey

Age: 3 Years

Breed: Boxer/Pit Bull Mix

Gender: Female

Bio: A pup who loves to play and receive all of your attention. Bailey was a last chance dog at the shelter, meaning she was scheduled to be put to sleep, but since being rescued has been living in a foster home. She can handle large groups, is a quick learner when it comes to training and is fully vaccinated, spayed and is already embedded with a microchip.

How To Adopt

If you are interested in adopting an animal featured in this series you can fill out an application at Scroll to the bottom of the page, click ‘apply now’, open the PDF, complete the application and email it to You can also call them at (912) 681-9393 for any additional information.

Terms to Know

Microchip – A microchip implanted under the animal’s skin as a way of identification should the animal ever be lost.

Neutered/Spayed – The animal has had surgery to make sure that it cannot reproduce for population control.

Foster Home – Volunteer families who house and care for the animals while they are waiting to be adopted.