Everyday Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

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  • Do’s & Don’ts

Ricky Veasley and Rachel Kelso


  • Wear nude colored undergarments when wearing anything white, light or sheer.
  • Read the labels. Make sure to wash and dry your pieces properly so they look better and last longer.
  • Utilize multiple prints and patterns in one outfit. Play around with size, colors, and themes to create a super unique and gorgeous look.
  • Be adventurous! Fashion is about having fun and creating looks that make you feel the most confident and stylish.


  • Assume a piece will fit just because the tag has your size on it. Always try on the garment before you buy it. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Wear a bra with straps while wearing a racer-back tee, anything strapless, or sheer shirts. It throws off your entire look and creates a tacky vibe. Invest in strapless and multi-way bras, they’re so worth it.
  • Arm yourself with accessories. Pick a few pieces that tie your outfit together, or one larger statement piece if you have a basic look.
  • Wear all of the same color. Add some coordinating colors to break up your outfit and define your separate pieces.


  • Match the color of your belt and shoes, or make the colors similar to each other if possible.
  • Wear clothes that fit your body type. Clothes that are too tight or too loose can look awkward. You want to be comfortable and feel special in the clothes you wear.
  • Try different types of jeans. Don’t just own one type because the options are endless. There are skinny, slim, straight, regular, bootcut jeans and big and tall jeans.
  • SHAVE. Keep your beard, mustache, goatee, nose hairs, ear hairs and sideburns well-groomed.
  • Be versatile and confident when showcasing your own personal style; it’s all about having fun.


  • Wear sock and sandals. Don’t even think about doing that to yourself.
  • Don’t wear dirty shoes. Shoes are the first thing that some people look at and if yours are dirty, then expect to be judged.
  • Wear pants that are too small. If your pants are too small, either cuff them up or buy some new ones.
  • Be wrinkled. There are tons of life hacks out there to avoid this. Throw your clothes in the dryer with an ice cube on its hottest setting. Place hung clothes on the shower rod when taking a shower. Iron your clothes, or use a wrinkle-removing spray.
  • Wear too much cologne. Gagging people because you wanted to marinate in your cologne is a no-no and should be avoided. You should spray it the air three times and walk through the mist or spray it on your pulse points which are your chest, throat, ears and wrists.