Shuttle Gus gets new rides

Bailey Adcock

Georgia Southern’s Shuttle Gus program has received approval from the university’s activity budget committee to purchase new vehicles. Still awaiting state approval, adding new cars would allow more students to take advantage of the program.

Shuttle Gus was originally started because of the need to prevent Southern students from driving under the influence. However, Shuttle Gus is available for any students that needs transpiration regardless of the situation.

“I have used Shuttle Gus in the past. My car was not working and it was very helpful for me to be able to get around without having to pay an extreme amount for a taxi,” Jordan Nourse, junior exercise science major, said.

Safety of students is one of the main concerns for the Student Government Association (SGA). As a result, the ability to provide a free and safe transportation service for the students has made Shuttle Gus a success.

“I think Shuttle Gus is such a success with our students because it is free. It’s a service that SGA provides students and there are no questions asked,” SGA Senator KeShawn Harris, senior public relations major, said.

When members of SGA met to discuss their budget to find ways to save money, Shuttle Gus was one of the major issues brought up. SGA was spending about $40,000 annually to rent cars for the Shuttle Gus program, excluding the cost of gas.

Purchasing cars for the program instead of renting them will be more economical not only for the organization, but also for the students at Georgia Southern University because Shuttle Gus is financed by student fees.

“Using student fees for student purposes is the best way to spend that money,” Nick Johnson, sophomore mechanical engineering major, said.

According to GSU’s student government page, this transportation service is run by student volunteers from organizations across campus.

“I’ve used Shuttle Gus as a freshman without a car and I’ve used it with my organization,” Ashley Mattison, senior multimedia communications major, said. “I love it and I’m so proud that we have been able to improve the program and get students home safe.”

In addition to helping other students, each organization that volunteers receives $300 which they can use for themselves. However, there are some requirements.

There is a minimum of ten volunteers per organization, with at least four having to be 21 or older. Volunteers must operate during the already designated times of Shuttle Gus and they have to work all of the assigned hours.

If you are in need of Shuttle Gus, their operating hours are from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and their contact number is 912-GSU-RIDE or 912-478-7433.

If your organization wants to volunteer for a weekend, you can email the Student Government Association at, if you have questions or want more information.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Lowery