SGA speaker resigns after exposure of crude bingo game

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  • Tyler Tyack has resigned as Georgia Southern Student Government Association’s speaker of the Armstrong/Liberty campus after his bingo game filled with microaggressions was tweeted out.

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Sarah Smith

STATESBORO — An Armstrong/Liberty Student Government Association speaker created a crude bingo game for the SGA meetings and later accidentally sent the game to his executive.

The bingo game was a list of things that were expected to happen at the previous SGA meetings and items highlighted in red are items that did occur. The list included “Race is mentioned” and “Statesboro proposes a new stupid amendment.”

The bingo game was created by Tyler Tyack, who has served in SGA for four years. Tyack accidentally sent the game to an incorrect email, and it was then tweeted out by another individual.

“I have repeatedly expressed my regret and apologized profusely for creating this list and went as far as to resign from my position as Speaker in SGA,” Tyack said. “I accept responsibility for my actions, and again apologize to those whom I have offended.”

Tyack said that the things included on the list either happened before at an SGA meeting or were expected to happen. Since the incident, Tyack has resigned from his position as speaker.

“Over the past few days I have been called a hypocrite, a bigot, and most hurtful; a racist,” Tyack said. “I have never said anything with a racially charged motive, nor am I a racist. While I understand my remarks may have been crude, they were not at all comments on race, and should not be taken as such.”

Tyack described Vice President of Student Engagement Keyshawn Housey on the bingo game as being drunk, going on rants and swearing. Housey said that he knows Tyack did not mean to show any malice towards him, but he can’t speak for the other members mentioned.

Housey also said that he would hate for anyone to not take SGA seriously after this incident, and he would like to see sensible leadership with positive growth in the future.

Former SGA President Juwan Smith said that his tenure as president was filled with incidents like this and tweeted out that the game was “utterly digusting to say the least.”

“Honestly, I would like to see all members of the SGA Armstrong executive body to resign from their positions, or if they choose not to resign, stripped from their position,” Housey said. “I would want them to be replaced with members of their current senate, who are willing to serve … who’s ready to serve and wanting to see SGA move in a positive direction.”

Dr. Melanie Miller, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. TaJuan Wilson, Associate Vice President of Inclusive Excellence & Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Ken Gassiot, Associate Vice President, SGA Advisor and Dr. Mark Whitesel, Interim Associate Vice President/Dean of Students sent an email to SGA proposing two options for them to consider. Brett Kohler says that Statesboro SGA picked option two on Friday. 

Option one stated that Statesboro SGA can vote to extend the current SGA leadership past April 24, which Armstrong has already passed. They can then impeach identified SGA officers who violated the SGA Code of Ethics with a two-thirds vote. Statesboro then can vote to expedite the time frame laid out by the SGA.

Option two states that the current SGA member terms will expire on April 24 and Student Affairs, in consultation with SGA, will appoint a task force to continue the rewrite of the constitution. The task force would make recommendations regarding a new organizational structure and constitution, which would then be approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs and elections would be held. Students Kahria Hadley, Zakiya Daniel, Kobe Stringer, Ayaa Favours, Marclem Hernandez, Kohler, Kaley Neal and Kelly Szczerkowski were recommended to be on this task force. 

“We are deeply saddened and concerned by these hurtful and divisive words of aggression as these are not only a violation of the SGA Code of Ethics but are also in direct contradiction with our values and efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive campus environment,” the email said. “While this deplorable act is constitutionally protected, it still demands condemnation and response.”

The bingo game can be viewed above.

Andy Cole contribued to this article. 

Sarah Smith, Managing News Editor,