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Meg Elwood

Coffee. The fuel which keeps the world from falling apart. To many it’s a morning ritual. For others it’s an all day, everyday, member of their diet. With so many ways to serve coffee, it’s an easy beverage to get crafty with. Starbucks has proven that it can be sweet and salty with caramel lattes, chocolate overload with mocha cappuccinos and so much more, but Three Tree Coffee brewers right here in Statesboro are changing the game and adding a dash of science into their fresh brewed concoctions.

Nitro. Also served as a float.

“The Nitro is our cold-brew, Ethiopian coffee. Cold brew meaning that we let it sit overnight for about nine to 12 hours. We infuse it with nitrogen which gives it a sort of bubbly build,” Andrew Ballard, Three Tree barista said. “What we do is we grind the beans and let it sit in water overnight, so that takes all of the flavor and usually it comes out really dark, even when we use Ethiopian, which is one of our lighter beans from Africa.”

The Nitro brew is transferred to a keg for the nitrogen blast and is served like freshly brewed beer from a tap. The Nitro Float option includes a nicely sized dollop of vanilla ice cream on top to bring the kid out in all of us.

Served in a small glass with a spoon, the coffee lightly bubbles below the floating layer of ice cream, looking like a warm, fluffy latte. Upon first bite, your tastebuds are greeted by a sweet, icy layer of vanilla ice cream which created a smooth surrounding coffee flavor.

“Over ice cream it was very good. I like the bitter coffee taste, maybe would’ve liked it to be sweeter as I expected it to be, but it was still good,” Austin Coleman, Three Tree regular and Georgia Southern sophomore political science major, said.

Simply taking a sip of coffee without ice cream reveals it’s second flavor. A strong, smoothly bitter, flavor of the Ethiopian coffee makes one think they purchased a large well-priced shot of espresso.

“I love Three Tree’s coffee. It’s pretty affordable and you can tell it’s very fresh since it’s so flavorful. It’s a perfect amount of smooth and bitter from the coffee bean’s flavor,” Ryan Burger, a weekly Three Tree customer, said.

Either way you take it, holding the coffee on your tongue releases the light bubbly fizz from nitrogen. Even on a chilly day, this is a coffee to make anyone happy, after all, who doesn’t love little bubbles and ice cream?