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  • Ashlee Gilley

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Hello humans of Georgia Southern! 

Welcome to the 2016 Features section. Featuring life as we know it.

This semester, look forward to being a part of stories, as well as reading them.

– Take part in our Advice Column. Message us on Twitter @GeorgeAnneFeats and your question may be featured in Thursday’s new biweekly piece.

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– Pin us on Pinterest. All of our DIY’s, fashion, beauty, and cooking tips will now be featured on our Pinterest page. Follow “GeorgeAnne Features” to start making beautiful things.

– The Buzz List returns! The tradition continues this semester every other Thursday so you’ll never be out of the loop.

Meg Elwood – junior journalism major – Features Editor

“I see how far I walk a day on my UP band and take an hour to chop ingredients when I cook. ‘South Park’ then ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ and a hot cup of tea at 11:00 p.m. Simple? Sure. Boring? Never.”

Kat Shuman – sophomore english major – Assistant Editor

“Aspiring Kardashian, fan of the Oxford comma and advocate of child leashes. I walk backwards as a Southern Ambassador, #LeadAndServe with the OLCE and I’ll be SOARing this summer. Jesus Lover. Somewhere watching Downton Abbey. Sentence fragments. Queen of hyperbole.”

Araya Jackson – sophomore journalism major – Staff Reporter

“Just your average sassy mouth gal with a keen taste for wine and chicken fries, who’s just trying to write a good story and possibly get her life together.”

Ashlee Gilley – junior journalism major – Staff Reporter

“I live by the phrase ‘do whatever you have to do to be happy’. You can never go wrong with Chinese food and a scary movie. I enjoy video games and they enjoy making me angry. Writing, animals, and music are all important to me.”

Ricky Veasley – senior journalism major – Staff Reporter

“HEY YOU! Yeah you, the one reading this. I have a huge confession I have to tell someone. *Whispers in your ear* of all the things I’ve lost, it’s my mind that I miss the most. If you didn’t know, I’m the star of my own reality TV show called Life. It’s quite entertaining so you should tune in. It’s full of cliffhangers that…”

Rachel Kelso – sophomore journalism major- Staff Reporter

“Hey readers! Hopefully you’ll be seeing me on CNN one day. Writing, traveling, and experimenting with makeup takes up most of my time, except for when I’m on Netflix binge-watching The Office for the hundredth time.”

Rebecca Davis – senior graphic design major – Page Designer

“Hey y’all! I am 21 years old and a complete mess. I am hoping to find work in anything ranging from magazine design to creating graphics for the NFL or MLB. I love to eat a ton of popcorn and watch Vanderpump Rules on my couch every Monday.”

Tahir Daudier – senior film and production major – Photographer

“Telling stories and spreading love and knowledge is my ultimate calling to this planet and it’s people. Through forms of media like radio, photography and filmmaking, I have seen the intimacy between media and society. Composing thoroughly designed communication platforms, in representation of my family, friends and dedication to study is very important to me.”