GSU organizations release statements involving social media incident

Erinn Williams

After statements made on social media by a Georgia Southern University student that were seen by many as racist and Islamophobic, the GSU Arabic Club, Georgia Southern University and the GSU NAACP chapter released statements.

“Since it was founded in 2012, the Arabic Club at GSU has been promoting dialogue on our campus and community. Our message is a message of understanding, coexistence, and respect. We condemn all forms of threats, racism, Xenophobia, and related intolerance. We encourage GSU students to engage in a respectful and meaningful dialogue and avoid intolerant behavior. As Helen Keller said “The highest result of education is tolerance.” – GSU Arabic Club

“The use of threatening language is a violation of the Georgia Southern code of student conduct and goes against our VALUES, one of which is “Every voice has the right to be heard and every word will be spoken with respect.” Responding with additional threats is never a solution. The University takes all threats to anyone in our community very seriously and will respond with appropriate disciplinary action. As always, Georgia Southern encourages students to exercise their right to free speech and engage in respectful dialogue.” – Georgia Southern University

“The recent revelation of the comments made by Georgia Southern University student…brings light to the pressing issue at hand. The issue(s) of Black Lives Matter, Concerned Student 1950 and #BlacksAreSouthernToo. We, the Georgia Southern University NAACP, are ready and willing to stand as Black Georgia Southern. The comments of…reveal a sentiment that may be felt by many. Today, tomorrow and going forward we pledge to not compromise who we are to fit the mold of society. We love our blackness and we love the blackness of others. We are black and we are proud. Black lives matter and never forget blacks are southern too.” – GSU NAACP