Going out the safe way

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Kristyn Hughes

It’s a Friday night, you and your friends decide to go out for an expected night at the bars. A couple of drinks later you realize, you’ve lost a friend. For someone who isn’t up to date with the latest apps, this could cause a stressful, drunken night. For someone who is up to date on the latest mobile apps, this one’s a no brainer. The Drunk Mode app allows you to keep up with everybody you went out with as long as they have the app as well. 

Drunk Mode was developed after Joshua Anton realized his friend had drunk dialed him with all reasons to believe that he probably didn’t mean to. The app was originally designed to stop people from drinking and dialing but grew to have many more helpful features. 

Drunk Mode has four different features according to iTunes. It allows you to put numbers on a block list so you don’t accidentally call certain numbers during your night out. The “Find My Drunk” feature allows you to track your friends so you never lose them but they have to have the app on their mobile device as well for this to work. The feature uses GPS tracking to keep you in contact with the people you went out with. 

It also keeps a log on where you went that night so you can track your footsteps just in case you left something, or just wanted to share where you went with Facebook. Last but not least, the Drunk Mode App allows you to find a ride home if needed and gives you walking directions to your friend’s locations just in case they’re close by. 

Although still its Beta form, Apple and Android have made it available to download. The app has been very popular and according to the Huffington Post, Drunk Mode has had 91,000 downloads as of last year. 

“It’s an awesome app,” said Chris Smith, junior multimedia journalism major. “I’ve used the Beta version on Apple once or twice and it really came in handy. I lost my keys during a night where I decided to go everywhere. The app helped me backtrack and find my keys.”

Smith also said he hopes more features are added to the app once the Beta testing is complete, but until then, avoiding the infamous “butt dialing” is a step in the right direction.