Eagles are tied with UGA at half, 7-7

Hayden Boudreaux

1st Quarter:

–          Bulldogs quickly work down the field on a 63 yard drive that ends on a 23 yard touchdown run. UGA leads Gaso 7-0, 10:45 remaining.

–          Eagle’s first drive results in a quick three and out and they lose three yards.

–          Bulldogs is stalled at mid field by a 13 yard sack from Eagle defensive lineman Jamal Johnson.

–          Eagles start drive from their own one yard line and are held to another three and out.

–          Bulldogs begins drive at the Eagle 39 yard line and fumbles into the hands of the Eagles on the 8 yard line.

2nd Quarter:

–          Eagles pick up a huge first down on a pass from Upshaw, followed by a huge run from Upshaw inside the ten yard line but after a sack a field goal attempt failed wide right.

–          Bulldogs start from their own 20 and traverse the field but are held. A 48 yard field goal attempt falls short and the Eagles regain possession.

–          Eagles kick off drive with three first downs on the legs of Ellison and finishes with a 26 yard touchdown run from Matt Breida. The Eagles tied up the game 7-7 with 3:47 remaining.

–          Bulldogs are held to a three and out and punt down to the 36 yard line for the Eagles.

–          Eagles held to a three and out.

–          Bulldogs kneel down to kill the clock, despite short field.