Senators Blast Atlanta Sports Teams

Gabe Thomas

Atlanta professional sports teams have come under fire recently for accepting money to honor troops at games and other team events.

The AJC is reporting that a report by U.S. senators John McCain and Jeff Flake blasted the events calling them “paid patriotism,” and said the funds were a misuse of funds that are for legitimate recruiting.

The Atlanta Falcons brought in $879,000 from the Georgia National Guard while the Braves and Hawks both led their respective sports in money received from military by taking in $450,000 and $225,000 respectively.

NFL Roger Goodell has expressed concern about the practice of NFL teams receiving funds to recognize troops. He has asked all 32 NFL teams to pay back any funds that were improperly given to the teams.

The Georgia National Guard has instated a new policy that will no longer allow it to pay for recognition of its soliders.