Your Guide to a Cheap Halloween Costume

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Kat Shuman

Halloween is awesome! Who doesn’t love candy, parties, and seeing everyone dressed up in costumes? As college students, coming up with a costume to wear can be challenging. You don’t want to be a witch for the third year in a row, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a sleazy costume that doesn’t even fit you correctly. Here are some easy costumes to throw together that won’t cost you a paycheck.


1. Crazy Cat Lady: This costume is simply put together. Wear your pajamas, slippers (preferably cat slippers) and carry around (a) stuffed cat(s). To make the costume even better, add some special touches such as a bath robe. You could also put your hair in curlers.

2. Katniss: Everyone owns black, so a Katniss costume is easy to do. Dress head to toe in black: black shirt, jeans, and shoes. Don’t forget to sport the Katniss braid. Finally, add a cheap bow and arrow from any dollar store to let everyone know that you are “the girl on fire.”

3. A Mean Girl: Specifically, a mean girl like Regina, Gretchen, or Karen. It’s easy to pull together some pink and plaid. You could even cut out holes in your tank top to rock Regina’s famous look from the movie. If you’re feeling artsy, make your own Burn Book! Seriously, this costume could be so fetch.


1. The Tourist: This costume is absolutely hilarious. You need a pair of khaki shorts, a floral button down, and some sandals (maybe Chacos). You can add to this costume by adding a fanny pack, binoculars, a water bottle and a map.

2. Hunter: Doesn’t everyone in Statesboro own camouflage? If you do, transforming yourself into a hunter for Halloween should be no trouble at all. For those without camouflage, it’s not that hard to find in Statesboro (seriously, it’s everywhere). To add to the look, use mascara or black paint to give yourself some serious under-eye warpaint.

3.The Brawny Guy: This costume couldn’t be easier to put together, All you need are jeans, a red, plaid shirt and a killer smile. Add some Brawny paper towels to your look to remind people that Brawny has THE toughest paper towels.


1. An Elderly Couple: These costumes are a piece of cake to put together; just head down to Goodwill (or raid your grandparents closet). Ladies, get a brightly colored pant suit or maybe even an ankle length skirt or a giant coat with big, puffy shoulder pads. Add some pointy-toed shoes and gaudy jewelry, and don’t forget your purse full of hard candy (because what old lady doesn’t carry hard candy in their purse). Gents, it’s time to search for some suspenders, and maybe some corduroy pants. Look for audacious prints for your shirt and tie. This look can be added to with canes, walkers and even glasses. The limit for how great these costumes can be does not exist.

2. Robbers: Sounds kinda basic, but it could be kinda cute. Throw on some black jeans/ leggings and a black and white striped shirt. Add ski masks, ski hats, or even a baseball bat to make the prefect look. Don’t forget gloves (you don’t want to leave fingerprints) and big bags (to collect all your money in).