Shenanigans liquor license suspended for three days

Caitlyn Oliver

Shenanigans, a University Plaza bar, will move to only allowing 21-year-olds and up in its establishment after a City Council meeting decision made this Tuesday.

Shenanigans’ liquor license was also suspended for three days, beginning Thursday Oct. 8.

The decision comes after Shenanigans was cited for alleged alcohol violations for the second and third times, September 10 and September 19 respectively.

“When we are talking about four underage persons being served on two occasions…in a very short time span, I believe action needs to be taken one way or another,” Major Rob Bryan of the Statesboro Police Department (SPD) said.

SPD conducted an operation in September with underage volunteers to help with alcohol compliance checks. The volunteers were compensated for their time and were asked to visit 33 bars and retailers in an attempt to purchase alcohol.

The volunteers, three 18-year-olds and one 19-year old, carried devices that recorded their experience at the establishments, such as standing in line, getting their IDs checked, receiving wristbands and standing in line for drinks.

At Shenanigans specifically, SPD found through recordings that the underage volunteers would receive the underage wristband but would still receive drinks when ordered from the bar.

An 18-year-old freshman that spoke at the City Council meeting said that she was banded on her right hand and, being right-handed, used that same hand for the entire transaction. She flagged down the bartender, paid and received her drink with her right hand but the wristband was never acknowledged. She was also never asked to show ID by a bartender.

Michael Classens, lawyer for Shenanigans owner Jason Franklin, said “As I understand the allegation here, there is no allegation that Mr. Franklin [the owner] himself committed a violation but rather this is the vicarious or derivative whereas the establishment knowingly permitted someone in their employ to commit the violation.”

Lauren Gorla and Jeff Licciardello contributed to this report.