GASO vs. App State at half

Hayden Boudreaux

First half breakdown


–          Eagles work down the field on the back of Matt Breida and L.A. Ramsby. The drive ends with Ellison taking flight and front flipping into the end zone for the first score. Eagles lead 7-0, 11:11 remaining

–          App State responds by working the ball down the field but stalls at the Eagle 30 yard line. They end the drive with a field goal. Eagles lead 7-3, 8:35 remaining.

–          The Eagles eat up nearly five minutes of the clock but only gain twenty yards before being forced to punt the ball away.

–          App State begins to move the ball but a holding penalty cripples their drive and they are forced to punt it away from midfield.


–          The first GASO drive of the half ends with potentially disastrous results. A pair of penalties force Nowicki to punt the ball with his heels in the back of the end zone.

–          App takes advantage of the short field and quickly punches in a score off of an 18 yard run from their running back Cox. The Mountaineers took their first lead of the night, 10-7 with 10:48 remaining.

–          The Eagles fail to move the ball and are forced to a three and out.

–          App State capitalizes again and moves the ball quickly down to field on a 10 play, 76 yard drive which ends in a touchdown pass to the back of the end zone. App State leads 17-7, 3:48 remaining.

–          Another Eagle drive, another three and out as the drive ends with a punt.

–          The Mountaineers start to move the ball but a sack prevents them from doing too much damage. The drive ends after a missed 49 yard FG attempt.