5 tips to stay motivated during online classes


Errol Spence

Kayla Winston-Bass

With the semester gradually coming to an end, I think many of us are also slowly feeling burnt out. I know I am, and working from my bedroom definitely is not helping. It’s easy to become unmotivated and less eager to get work done, but here are a few tips that should keep you going until the sweet release of summer.


One of the most important things I found that have helped me in my online classes is setting aside designated time to work on my assignments. One of the benefits of working from home is that you can work whenever you feel most comfortable–in the middle of the night with Netflix playing in the background or in the early morning with your favorite hot beverage next to you. Whichever works, be sure to remain consistent, and you’ll find yourself more motivated to work.

To-Do List

To-do lists. One of my personal favorites. Trying to remember what assignment is due can become very chaotic, especially when you aren’t in the classroom. Something I find most useful is making a list every week with all my assignments and their due dates. It doesn’t have to be complex or fancy. It can be as simple as a scratch piece of paper or a day-by-day planner.

With all of your work organized in one place, you’ll be more likely to complete it and turn it on time.


When you are comfortable in where you work, you are more likely to succeed and be motivated. What’s great about online classes is that you are able to work on your own time and in an environment where you are most likely to thrive. This means being able to watch your favorite shows (if that’s how you focus), listen to your favorite tunes or work in absolute silence.

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Limiting Distractions

One of the obvious. Limit those distractions! Try placing your phone out of arms’ reach, closing your door to block outside noise or even turning off your computer’s Wi-Fi so you are less tempted to check your Twitter. We all know how easy that minute can turn into an hour.

Visualizing Success

This too shall pass.

Online classes aren’t forever and while it may seem that way, the end of the semester is only a few short weeks away. Something that always keeps me going is visualizing success and the things I’ll be able to do once it all passes. (Hint, hint, sleeping in!)

While you may struggle now, think about how you’ll feel later. Staying motivated will have been worth it.