Migos rapper seeking bond for the third time

Tori Miller

Migos group member, Kiari Cephus, also known as Offset, is seeking bond for a third time by a Bulloch County Superior Court after being charged with riot in a penal institution. 

Cephus was charged with riot in a penal institution and battery after allegedly attacking another inmate, Bradley Weathers. The altercation occurred when Weather’s called out to Cephus from his cell, “Come beat my ass.” 

According to several witnesses, the fight did not count as a riot and lasted less than five seconds. No one else was involved.

Also according to witnesses, Cephus was brought back to the cell a short time after the quarrel and made to apologize. 

Another inmate, nicknamed Bear, allegedly interfered and suggested that Weathers take advantage of Cepheus’s infamy and money by filing charges. Shortly after, Weathers allegedly began complaining of head pain, but these complaints were similar to comments he had made weeks before the incident when he claimed a skull fracture. 

The Bulloch County Superior Court Judge John R. Turner has not yet specified what date he will decide on the bond request. The two previous requests had been denied in May and June.