Tips on Taking Grad Pictures During Quarantine


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Savannah King

Photos by Logan Seeman

As graduation season is coming up we have to handle things a little differently, like figuring out you’re going to celebrate virtual graduation or how you’re going to get your grad pics for your invitations. I know what you’re thinking: are grad pics even necessary now? In my opinion, they are.

Not only will they give you a little memory to look back on, but you can use them for graduation invitation (or announcement cards) to send out to family and friends so that they may send you a little graduation gift. Since you can’t walk, might as well get a gift, right?

Right now it is difficult to get a whole photo shoot and outfit together when every store is closed and everyone is social distancing. So, here are some tips and tricks to get your grad pics during the quarantine.

1) Shop for your outfit online

Finding an outfit is especially hard since all the stores are closed, so we have to do the next best thing. Shop online! Many online stores are offering either some type of discount or free shipping due to everything going on. Also, you can still shop at your favorite local stores. If you are still in Statesboro, you can order clothes online from the boutiques and pick them up at the store to save yourself from shipping fees. Also, I know many don’t have a graduation robe to take pictures, so it’s time to finesse it. Use your high school robe or just the cap or even order one off of amazon!

Here are some of my favorite online shops to check out: 




-Pretty Little Things:

-Princess Polly:


2) Finding a photographer

Savannah King, multimedia journalism major, and Abby Smith, public relations major; Photos by Logan Seeman

You can still have your pictures taken while following social distancing guidelines. Finding someone at this time could be hard, so if your friend or parent has a nice camera (or even a phone with a good camera), see if they can take them for you! There are also a lot of student photographers that would love your business too! Just make sure it is six feet apart.

Note: There are also thousands of editing apps for photos that can help you get the best quality photograph you’re looking for

3) Finding your location

Photos by Logan Seeman

If you are still in Statesboro, you can just take a trip to campus and get your photos done there. My advice is to take them in Sweetheart Circle because it provides beautiful greenery background, and you can get a picture in from of the GSU shrubs. Try taking your photos around 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to get the perfect golden lighting.

If you aren’t in Statesboro, there are still options out there. Scope out your hometown for a unique background. Check your downtown area or, if you live out in the country, you can find some nature spots for a background!

4) Making your invitation/announcement card

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Once you have your photos, you may need a card to display them on to send to your family and friends. Lucky for you, there are a handful of websites you can make them on for a reasonable price.

-CVS Photos:

-Paperless Post:

-Cards and Pockets:

-Paper Culture:



5) Have fun with it

Photos by Logan Seeman

Don’t stress over this too much. Even though it may not feel like it, this is a celebratory time––have fun with it! 

Hopefully, these tips were helpful and can help you guide through your graduation pictures with more ease. I know these times are hard, but going out and taking some grad pictures and sending out announcements can bring a little bit of normalcy to this chaotic time.

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