Trebel Music Launches at Georgia Southern

Chris Rossmann

Trebel Music, a free to download app, launched on campus Monday. The app lets students download and play music for free by using advertising and social networking to earn points. Users then spend the points each time a song is played. 

Students can earn points by downloading music, checking in at local businesses, watching advertisements or paying for more coins. Each play costs between one and five coins, and each download can generate up to thirty coins. Users can also create playlists, and pay a point total up front to play the entire list without ad interruptions.

The app works by downloading songs onto your phone and allowing you to play them for coins. Once a song has been downloaded, it can be played without access to a 3G network or Wi-Fi. 

Trebel Music allows phones to have unlimited music storage, by allowing users to download new songs directly to their phone using the storage available. When the phone reaches its memory limit, the app will automatically remove songs based on the frequency the song is played. The replaced songs can be re-downloaded for free at any time.

Users also have the option to “buy” the song, for a higher total price in coins. Once a song has been bought, the user can transfer the music out of the app and can play it as often as they want without spending any coins. 

The app features official music videos and lyric lists when available and has a circular spinning version of the album cover art when playing a song. The rotating cover art also serves as the main way to skip through a song and the company has plans to develop an update to allow users to scratch songs on the app. 

Trebel Music encourages students to share music with friends and fellow students by showing what is popular in your area and allowing users to follow other users and share playlists. 

When users first sign up, they are required to activate the GPS function of their phone to establish where in the country the users are. The user is then connected to all the other users in the area to create a diverse music community to share songs and playlists.