Student Resources to Know

Araya Jackson

Though it may still be early in the semester, I know what you’re thinking: “How am I going to keep up with class, clubs, social life, studying and still try to sleep for maybe a solid four hours?!” Fear no more young soul, for here I’ve provided you with a little list of some resources Georgia Southern offers to help you maximize your learning experience. Whether you need help with choosing classes, essays and papers, or computer trouble, there is a center with professional help waiting for you.

Please note that the University offers more than just the following.

Academic Advising- What, you think you’re just going to wing your classes and take what you want? Not exactly. Students have academic advisors specific to their majors who are there to help plan out the future. Whenever you need guidance choosing what classes to take, have questions about different majors and minors or need to stress your values and goals, your advisor is there. To make an appointment, go to ‘GradesFirst’ in your MyGeorgiaSouthern account.

Academic Success Center- Need a tutor? Of course you do. Located on the second floor of Cone Hall lies your student-center facility dedicated to your academic success. This is your place for campus tutoring in a wide array of subjects, study skill workshops for tips in class and college related topics, one-on-one consultations with a specialist and testing services.

“I should have definitely used the tutor sessions for my math much more than I actually did,” Nicholas Giusto, senior multimedia communications major, said.

Writing Center- Ever experienced that moment when you think you’ve written an award-worthy paper, but then your professor gives it back with a fat ‘ole C on the front? If this has happened to you, or if you simply need a second, more educated opinion than your roommates, then you need to visit the Writing Center.

Students from any course and at any stage in their paper can make an appointment with graduate and undergraduate peer tutors. Alison Shaw, sophomore construction management major, said “I brought my resume to the writing center and they helped me pretty much fix the setup, work with its presentation and helped me clean it up.”

So bring your papers, resumes, or whatever it may be and someone will help you work through it successfully by giving tips and guidance towards completion. The Writing Center is located in room 1119 in the Forest Drive Building.

Student Disability Resource Center- The SDRC’s mission is to ensure that all students with qualified disabilities, temporary or permanent, have equal access to all educational opportunities in order to succeed in class. The center helps about approximately 624 students with those from ADD/ADHD, mobility limitations, the deaf/blind, etc. If you feel you need any accommodations to maximize your learning experience, contact them today.

Center for Academic Technology Support- ‘CATS’, for short, is available for students and faculty for technology use, both on and off campus. There’s a helpdesk to provide answers for anything from hardware to how-to-use Folio and Google Apps. They also offer an annual technology conference, Techxpo, to showcase to campus the various technologies at Georgia Southern. They are the perfect place for your technology inquiries!

The George-Anne- The best way to stay up to date with everything Georgia Southern and learn about upcoming events and opportunities. Visit the Daily Section for your quick tips, news bits, and the weather animal each week. The News section offers detailed insight on campus and States(vegas) news and updates, such as awards, building changes and breaking stories. The Features section, previously known as Arts and Entertainment, showcases movies and festivals, the Buzzlist, places to visit in town etc. Finally, visit the Sports section for everything true blue GSU football, player features and information on upcoming games in every sport field.

So there is just some of the awesome resources our university offers! Don’t read this thinking that you’re too good for any of them, because you won’t realize just how helpful they can be until it’s too late. Take advantage of the many opportunities you have to succeed and better yourself. All of these facilities are here for you daily to prepare you for the outside world, where there won’t be a free tutor at hand. Heads up, I’d look into this before the mid-semester crisis hits. Because when it hits, it demolishes.

With love,

A sophomore with a tutor appointment next week