The Slice is Right

Simeon Ike

Students looking for food outside of campus tend to turn to two major pizza eateries – Domino’s and Papa John’s. But which pizza chain has the better pizza?

To keep the playing field level, the best comparison will be a regular cheese pizza.

Domino’s and Papa John’s small cheese pizzas are relatively the same size. When it comes to length, Papa Johns has the slight advantage in this category. 

Where Domino’s has the advantage is in the amount of pizza that that is given. It is clear to see that Domino’s has more fluff in its pizza. In the case of crusts, Domino’s crust is softer than that of Papa John’s.

In the sauce department, there is no clear difference in taste, texture, or color. Additionally, when it comes to cheeses, the volume of cheese given on Domino’s pizza is greater than Papa John’s.

The taste of the pizza is a matter of personal preference. Either way, each chain is enormously popular among Georgia Southern University students.