On the Clock

Simeon Ike

The phrase, freshman year, is a unique phrase. It represents a new opportunity as well as a new challenge. Upon arriving on campus everything can be overwhelming. And you will find out out that the biggest obstacle is time management

First and foremost, use the planners given out at SOAR. These are vital to keeping up with class assignments, due dates, class announcements, and any other activities you get involved in.

When there is free time in between classes, use this time to check Folio for updates. Any time not spent in class is a good time to catch up. Waiting until later can result in missing a class announcement, like class getting cancelled.

Balance your schedule around the times you eat, sleep, and hang with friends to make sure your time is well spent. Before you realize it, the semester will be over. Take advantage of the spare time that you have now to avoid having regrets later.

Remember time is not always a good friend.