SGA voting ends tomorrow: Meet the candidates

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Macy Holloway

Charles Glover- running for President

1st year graduate student

Masters of Counselor Education with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health

Statement: Together: A United Eagle Nation. This platform is what the Glover-Kidwell ticket stands confidently upon. S.O.A.R., which is an acronym for Service, Outreach, Accountability and Respect outlines 4 key categories that will help the student’s voices be heard. Our main goal of the upcoming year is to reach out to more students and make them aware of the great services that SGA offers, including Shuttle Gus, funds allocation, Eagles for Eagles, free legal services and much more. The more participation we have from the students, the more we are able to accomplish what Georgia Southern students are seeking. We are here to represent YOU and amplify your voice to the Administration.

Kaitlin Kidwell- running for Executive Vice President

Junior, will be a Senior in the fall

Political Science major with a minor in business

Statement: The Student Government Association serves as a liaison between the student body and the administration. We value respect within and outside of our organization as we utilize parliamentary procedure to maintain order to be as efficient as possible, as well as when dealing with the pressing issues and concerns that face students on a day to day basis. Currently, I serve as the VP of Finance and this year, I have ensured that the SGA is using student activity fees responsibly. By reallocating within our budget, the SGA has made strides this year to ensure that our budget is being used to directly impact the student body. I have a true passion for the SGA, and being Executive Vice President would allow me to continue to serve the students, grow the organization and achieve the goals the student body presents us.

Adam Clay- running for VP of Auxiliary Affairs

Junior (currently)

Logistics & Marketing with an emphasis in Sales

Statement:The first word of “Student Government Association” is “Student,” and that’s who we always keep first in mind. SGA is a means to ask the tough questions and find out what our university is offering you as an individual. Our goal is to bring your opinions and ideas to the table and help them become actions. Accountability is key with these actions, making sure you receive the awareness and attention your idea deserves. I look forward to hearing how we can improve your time at Georgia Southern.

Errol Spence- running for VP of Academics

Senior (Returning for Graduate School)

Political Science

Statement: The Student Government Association, simply put, is the official means through which the student voice is heard. That being said, our number one goal has and will continue to be outreach. It is our responsibility to ensure that the 20,000+ members of the student body know who SGA is, what we offer, how to reach us and how we can help. In my role as Vice President of Academic Affairs during the 2014-2015 academic year, one of my primary responsibilities was to provide student input throughout the development phase of the Quality Enhancement Plan: Effective Writing. If re-elected, I will continue my work in regards to the QEP, as it is a vital academic initiative of our university. I will also continue to serve the students, bringing forth new ideas and strengthening the current effort to enhance the academic experiences of Georgia Southern students.

Cooper Largent- running for Vice President of Finance


Information Technology

Statement: Student Government is here to serve the students. A main way that we support students is through the allocation of Student Activity Fees. These funds are available to individual students and organizations for events and conferences. Using this resource, we can help the students of Georgia Southern grow and learn from invaluable professional experiences. As Vice President of Finance, I will make sure that these funds are appropriated responsibly and effectively to these organizations and individuals. I will serve the students of Georgia Southern and make sure that they SOAR as eagles.