Emergency Financial Aid still available

Macy Holloway

If students need financial assistance to pay their rent, pay for classes and even just pay for the cut and dry living expenses of college—loans are still available.

The Parent Plus loan is one in particular that is still made available to students even now as the semester is winding down. It is known as a more ‘emergency’ type of loan for when students find themselves unable to pay the remainder of the rent for their lease.

Designated for students in “extreme financial hardship” that won’t be able to remain in school and live stably without the funds, the Plus Loan offers upwards of $3,000 to $5,000 to students that are accepted.

It is available to both Undergraduate and Graduate/ Professional students.

The Plus loan is a federal loan and will have to eventually be paid back either before or after a student’s graduation from the University. The application can be found through Georgia Southern’s website under the financial aid tab- forms- and then Plus application.

It is offered in spring, summer and fall semesters.

The Office of Financial Aid offers a lot of information pertaining to emergency loans and aid still available to students, even if it seems like the semester is coming to a close.