New meals plan to begin Fall 2015

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Whitt Van Tassell

A new meal plan, Budget Bucks, has officially been approved to begin in the fall semester of 2015.

The plan, Budget Bucks, makes money available on a weekly basis and comes in two forms, a $960 plan or a $480 plan, which allocate either $60 or $30 per week, over 16 weeks.

The plan excludes Thanksgiving and Spring Break, as most students do not remain on campus during these times. Budget Bucks will function as an alternative to both expensive, unlimited dining plans and less structured EagleExpress packages.

“SGA came to us time and time again saying they want something more controlled for financially responsible students,” Jeff Yawn, Executive Director of Eagle Dining Services, said.

Money allocated through Budget Bucks can be spent at Dining Halls for the discounted campus price as well as at all on-campus retail locations including Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Eagle Dining-run concessions at sporting events.

Unlike EagleExpress, Budget Bucks are only usable at on-campus locations.

SGA President-Elect Charles Glover, who worked closely with Eagle Dining to create the plan, says Budget Bucks is geared toward upperclassmen who want a less expensive plan while retaining the ability to pick up meals or a quick snack on campus, but doesn’t discount its utility to all levels of students.

“I’ve heard a lot of students say they don’t have any money left by the end of the year and they’re left on hotdogs and ramen,” Glover said. “This helps them manage their money.”

Budget Bucks will roll over to the following week, semester and year. Glover calls this feature the selling point of the Budget Bucks plan–combining money management with flexibility.

Glover said, “That was one thing that we [the SGA] heard the students really wanted. If it’s what the students want, I don’t see a huge issue in it. Eagle Dining has the same goals in mind as the SGA as far as helping students.”