Grant Purvis

On April 17th and 18th, don’t miss this spring’s opera performances, for the adaptation of the Johann Strauss opera Die Fledermaus!

Featuring stellar performances from several exemplary vocalists as well as orchestra accompaniment from Georgia Southern Symphony, this frivolous and comedic tale of revenge will be open to all audiences at 7:30 each night. The opera is adapted to English and will be at the Performing Arts Center (the PAC). Admission is free.

Every semester the Georgia Southern Music Department prepares an opera for the entertainment of the students, faculty, and guests alike, such as Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ and Stephen Sondheim’s musical ‘Company’ in recent years. The opera program’s director, Dr. Arikka Gregory, is thrilled to be bringing this Viennese operetta to Georgia Southern University.

“Of course I’m always terrified, too, until the moment the show is over,” Gregory said, laughing. “Mostly because I want so much for these kids, who have put so much into these performances. But I feel really lucky, that I have really consistently talented leads. Everyone is excited and committed to the show, and that’s not something you always have, especially with collegiate level operas. And of course I’m also very pleased to be working with the Georgia Southern Chorale and Symphony.”

Regarding the title, the English version of the opera is called The Bat, but Dr. Gregory says that the show has “very little to do with bats, so I hope people don’t come expecting an Ozzy show or something like Twilight.”

Dr. Gregory also noted that this will be the first performance for much of her cast in the PAC and with a live orchestra, which can be intimidating for newcomers. Zachary Futch, a freshman in the vocal area of the music department, will be playing the antagonistic Dr. Falke. “This will be my first show in an opera as a college student,” Futch said. “I’m very excited to be given this opportunity as an undergrad, because our undergrad program is really big. And this is a very talented group of people. With that in mind, who knows where I could be by the time I’m a grad student?”

Come see Die Fledermaus (or The Bat) this weekend for a fun night out of the house. It might even make a great date night, if you want to prove to your boyfriend/girlfriend how cultured you are!