Zaxby’s Grand Opening Next Monday

Macy Holloway

On Monday, March 30, at the corner of Chandler Road and Georgia Avenue, the largest Zaxby’s in the Zaxby’s franchise will be holding its grand opening.

Given that this new Zaxby’s is only right around the corner from where the original was built, it is going to be quite special. From brand new decor to the first ever deck to be built in a new Zaxby’s, it will be quite different from the prior establishments.

While it has been rumored, the new restaurant will not be serving alcohol or be open for any extra late-night hours.

It is equipped with two Freestyle Coke machines and the establishment as a whole is considered a sort of “prototype” for the franchise.

According to the Statesboro Herald, “’our hope is that…[it] will fit well with the old school folks who remember the original Zaxby’s. In addition to reflecting on the past this store will feature a few new things that we are testing that will add to the future of Zaxby’s,”’ J.J. DeRoy, director of Market Development with Zax Inc., said.

The designers have stated that this new Zaxby’s will also have an open kitchen style so that customers may see more of the behind-the-scenes production of food. There will also be two drive-thru windows. Current restaurants only provide 30 seats; however, the new establishment has enough room for 120 seats.

This new location will also be having a celebration throughout the week of its opening and Chicken Finger Plates will be $3.69 to mimic the prices that were in place when they first opened.

As far as any traffic trouble that may arise, at it is set on one of the busiest streets around campus, Brad Deal, Assistant Engineer for the City of Statesboro, explained that they did not feel there would be any serious safety issues to be concerned with.

“I’m sure there will definitely be a lot of traffic there but we figured most of it would already be going in the same direction as Zaxby’s so we didn’t see any immediate dangers,” Deal said.

“Of course if any issues begin to arise, we will take the proper steps to prevent any dangerous conditions on the road, but as of right now, the establishment is an adequate distance away from the road and the sidewalk will help with that issue as well,” Deal said.