Reflecting on SGA Achievements

Chance Shelton

As campaigning for Student Government Association elections begin, the current staff reflects on what has been achieved throughout the past year under their reign.

SGA plays an important role of bridging the gap between the student body and the administration as a whole.

By being completely conscience and aware of what is expected of them, SGA has pushed, funded and created numerous issues and opportunities to be presented to the student body.

Most recently, many students were taken by surprise when the Dining Commons had abruptly decided to discard the plastic straws provided by the drink stations. Many students were upset by this decision and quite vocal about it as well.

“I hated that they took them away because sometimes the cups weren’t always cleaned, so I would easily grab a straw,” Rasheed Hinds, sophomore information technology major, said.

A representative for the Dining Commons stated that they made this decision based on financial reasons and had planned on not reinstating them; however, after SGA noticed that this was an issue among the student body they took it upon themselves to meet with the head of residential dining. Thus having the straws returned as quickly as they were taken away.

SGA has also taken the forefront on their own personal philanthropy through Eagles for Eagles. Eagles for Eagles is an SGA fundraising initiative which serves the purpose and goal of raising money for students at GSU who are in serious financial adversity. Even when money is in short supply, SGA participates each week when the executive board and senators in “pass the bucket.” This takes place during their weekly meetings, each college is presented with a small bucket and which they fill with any money that the members have in their wallets at that time.

SGA is also in large part involved with the United Way division at GSU. United Way is a leadership and support organization that strives to create a community “where all individuals and families achieve their human potential.” Members of United Way pull together to help in ways of financial help and by volunteering with local events and groups within the Statesboro community such as at The Clubhouse and campus Student Organization Fair.

They take an active role by putting on events such as this past years GSU Idol which raised money for United Way.