Award-winning journalist Michele Norris to speak at the PAC

Chance Shelton

Michele Norris, first Black National Public Radio host and award-winning journalist, will be speaking at Georgia Southern University’s Performing Arts Center on Wednesday Feb. 18 at 7 p.m.

Norris created The Race Card Project in 2010 after looking into her own family history.

The Race Card Project in its entirety is to create dialogue about the mindset of America in regards to racial thinking. On Norris’s website, she allows anyone to express what they think when they hear the word “race,” and submit their “thoughts, experiences, or observations about race into” a six word sentence, stated on the official Race Card Project site.

On the site, people from all over have submitted and posted their own individual race card, and by doing so people are able to see what others actually think and feel when the topic of race comes up.

Before creating “The Race Card Project,” Norris interviewed Oscar winners, astronauts, influential newsmakers, high ranked military officials and even U.S. Presidents. She is well-known for her style of interviewing which has been referred to as a well-balanced dance of meticulous and relaxing.

As a journalist, she focused her time and passion on issues that affect people from all spectrums of life, which has given her the ability to be the face of a topic that is so controversial, such as race.