Ogeechee Tech students offered GSU courses and services

Macy Holloway

This past fall, a new pilot policy began which allowed Ogeechee Technical students to take up to three classes as well as use various facilities and attend sporting events at Georgia Southern University.

On Feb. 5 in the Marvin Pittman Building, GSU President Dr. Brooks Keel signed a contract with OTC President Dr. Dawn Cartee agreeing to the pilot project which allows a number of benefits to OTC students who would like to take advantage of GSU’s many offerings throughout upcoming years.

OTC recently received the proper SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation allowing a number of OTC student course credit hours to be successfully transferable to GSU.

“It is really just that opportunity for students to put their toe in the water to see how they’ll like it. As well as hopefully encourage people from the SACS accredited programs to move on to the levels of a university. That’s the biggest thing and really what it’s all about,” Dr. Teresa Thompson, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment said.

100 seats are held for OTC students in Healthful Living, 50 seats in Career Exploration and 50 seats in University Singers and Southern Chorale; however, since the programs launch this past fall only one OTC student has paid to take a class at GSU.

As far as tuition, OTC students taking advantage of the program are expected to pay the specific tuition according to the number of credit hours they decide to take. The required fees for an in-state student are $414.93 per one credit hour and $584.86 for two.

Dr. Thompson stated that given the students are only transient and not actual transfers they do not have to meet specific academic requirements to be involved in the program.

From GSU football games to Recreation Activities Center privileges, OTC students have a variety of new collegiate amenities only about a 30-minute drive away.

Any OTC student interested in some of GSU’s many other recreational activities such as attending football or basketball games and utilizing the RAC or Henderson Library have to pay a flat fee of $656.

This is the same fee charged to East Georgia State College students when they are provided access to GSU’s services on campus.

This pilot program leaves room for much growth in the future between the two universities. Both university presidents say that it is a step toward hopefully one day being able to allow students who receive two year degrees at OTC to be able to complete a four year bachelor’s degree at GSU within their specified major or program.