Junk2Funk You Up

Meg Elwood

unk2Funk, a fashion show held by Savannah Arts Academy, features a show completrely put on by students from the outfits to the lighting all the way down to the stage decorations. 

Mind. Blown. Right?

​The challenge is told in the name: the students take “junk” like plastic bags, spoons, cardboard, lamp shades, whatever they can get their imaginative little hands on, and turn those items into wearable outfits that match the given theme.

This year the audience was taken into Insectum, where the designers had to apply a specific insect inspiration to their creations. Final pieces that looked like they belong on Project Runway strutted down the runway, from paper fan mantises, to lightning bugs with real glowing ornaments under an umbrella skirt, it was amazing to see how these kids took junk and gave it incredible funk.

The stage was setup as if the audience members were bugs instead of people, featuring giant umbrella sized clovers and a large bug cage where all of the models waited until they were shooed onto stage. Of course, the Academy likes to throw some entertainment into the show and opened with an extremely talented student singing “Junk2Funk you Up,” their remix of “Uptown Funk.” The interpretive dance group of the Academy also had two segments of the show. Dancers ran around the stage in a row like a line of ants as the frogs came to devour them — dark, yet very well done.

If you’ve never been and your a fashionista then this is the annual show for you to go see.