Health Center Update

Chris Rossmann

Georgia Southern University broke ground on a new Health Services Building at the corner of Plant Drive and Chandler Road this past December.

The previous building was originally built to serve 8,000 students and limited daily patient exams to about 130 per day though over 200 appointments are requested daily. With the significantly increased space available, the new building will be able to handle these appointments with ease.

The building is intended to replace the old Health Services building on Forest Drive and will be more than double the size of the current building. There will be 36 primary care exam rooms included in the building divided into six individual primary care pods, each staffed by a physician as well as a nurse practitioner.

The building will also include 12 Women’s Health exam rooms, as part of a women’s health clinic on the second floor of the building. Other additional services include Eagle Eye Care and Physical Therapy areas as well as a large teaching classroom for Health Education classes.

The new building figures to greatly increase the Health Service Center’s ability to accommodate a significantly larger student body.