Spring Break Destinations in Georgia

Spring Break Destinations in Georgia

Olivia Craft

Spring Break is such an anticipated time during the spring semester. For those of you who do not already have plans, here are some ideas for vacations right here in Georgia.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park

This state park is only about three hours away from Statesboro. The park has beautiful scenery and has hiking trails throughout it. Their campground and amenities are very nice. There is also a thru-hike that goes through the mountain that is over 20 miles long.

Pine Mountain

This is technically the mountain that the FDR park is on, but it is also a cute little town that always has something going on. There are bakeries, antique shops and cafes. All you have to do is park your car, and you can walk all around the quaint little town and explore.

Callaway Gardens

This famous attraction is only about fifteen minutes away from Pine Mountain and FDR park. All three of these attractions are close to one another and can all be part of your Spring Break adventure.

Providence Canyon State Park

The “Little Grand Canyon,” as it is famously known, is a popular hiking destination for residents of Georgia and surrounding areas. You can walk through the canyon part of it as well as just walk around the rim of it. If not, a spend-the-night trip, this could even be a fun one-day adventure.

Vogel State Park

This is such a beautiful state park. Located in north Georgia, about five hours away from Statesboro, this state park is well worth the drive. You could camp here as well, and the amenities are also very nice. There are hiking trails all throughout and surrounding the park.

Tybee Island

If you are a Georgia Southern student, this location should not be a surprise to you. Located only an hour from Statesboro, this is such an easy day trip if you are sticking around Statesboro for the break. You can go here for a little R&R time to recoup before the tail end of the semester comes along. 

Brasstown Bald

The highest point in Georgia is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. There is an option to hike up to the tallest point, or you can ride a bus to the top. Also, there are things that you can do at the top, such as lookout points, a little museum and even a small movie theatre that plays a film about the history of Brasstown Bald.

Helen, Georgia

Helen is located about four hours and thirty minutes away from Statesboro. There are many things to do here. The town itself is beautiful, but it is also surrounded by waterfalls, such as Ruby Falls, and many hiking places.

Jekyll Island

Jekyll is about two hours away from Statesboro. There are many things to do in Jekyll. You can bike ride around the island, go shopping as well as visit the more historical area of the island. It is located only thirty minutes away from Brunswick. 

Okefenokee Swamp

This attraction is also only two hours away from Statesboro. This could be an interesting day trip, just be sure to take some bug spray. You could go on a guided boat tour through the swamp and even go to wildlife shows where they show all of the animals that live at the swamp.

Overall, there are many things to do in the state of Georgia for spring break. If you do not have time for a overnight trip, there are options for day trips as well. We all deserve a little adventure to get us through the last stretch of the spring semester.