A second home for Zaxby’s

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Emily Arnold

Over the last few years, Statesboro natives and veteran students have done all they can to avoid the traffic jam that occurs around the five o’clock hour on Fair Road in front of the restaurant known for their Big Zax Snacks and Dollar Nibblers.

The day has arrived for the Statesboro Zaxby’s to get a second home, which will hopefully keep the traffic on Fair Road at a minimum. Luckily for Georgia Southern students, that second home is on Chandler Road, between campus and the University Plaza.

Cindy Steinmann, development project manager for Statesboro, has said that everything involving the building process is on the right track and that they are deep into the construction and inspection phases of the estimated $1.01 million operation.

“They have not contacted me to obtain their Certificate of Occupancy (CO) which means that all provisions and life safety regulations have been met during construction and allows them to actually open and operate inside of the building,” Steinmann said.

Most developers begin finishing up and requesting the CO about a month ahead of their goal opening date. Even though a set opening day has not been set, Steinmann suspects it will not be before the end of 2014.

Steinmann said, “Although I haven’t been informed by Zaxby’s themselves, I suspect that it will be 2015 before they intend to open.”