@PresKeel keepin’ it real

Macy Holloway

If you’ve ever scrolled down the #TrueBlue ridden timeline that is your Twitter feed on a game day, chances are you’ve come across a spirited tweet from our very own @PresKeel.

President Brooks Keel has an upwards of 2,400 followers, however his own follow sprees seem much more selective. He primarily follows the Twitter pages of GSU’s most elite, such as Gus the Eagle and SGA president Azell Francis. Being the president of an entire university, it’s understandable that he most likely doesn’t have the time to read about our #GSUprobz.

@doctordeal: @PresKeel @CollegeGameDay @GSAthletics_FB Question is…. Will the censor need to be on their toes?!?” Hel…I mean heck no!

“I’ve resisted getting a twitter for more than five years because I thought I would somehow mess it up,” Dr. Keel said.

President Keel is an undoubtedly well-connected member of the Georgia Southern social media sphere. He has over 800 tweets accompanied by more than 630 favorites. It’s unlikely to see a tweet without a #GreatestUniversityInAmerica tagline attached. He isn’t afraid to reply to tweets from students and often makes it a priority to give thanks to anyone willing to tweet him directly.

@kennedycowart: @TKleinleinAD @PresKeel Have we applied for our bowl waiver yet?” We must keep #GATA and #EagleNation support is key!

“It’s an opportunity to communicate with folks I wouldn’t normally be able to communicate with, most of the time in a light-hearted way, but also in a way to disseminate serious information,” Dr. Keel said.

With a #HailSouthern spirit in his heart and a #GATA state of mind, President Keel keeps the Georgia Southern spirit alive every day of the week. His presence in Eagle Nation is one enormous.

@PresKeel In the middle if a photo shoot with @JeremyWilburn @GeorgiaSouthern Marketing. Looking real GQ!

“I’ve really enjoyed it thus far. It’s a great way for me to keep in contact with current students, as well as alumnus, where otherwise I couldn’t,” Dr. Keel said.

It is a well-known fact that President Keel is a proud supporter of Georgia Southern Athletics, and it is quite apparent on his Twitter- he frequently retweets anything related to the cause. On Oct. 25, he tweeted 16 times from the Georgia Dome to keep the #SouthernNotState spirit alive throughout the day. Disclaimer: He didn’t ever tweet that particular hashtag because he’s a classy president, his favorite hashtag of the day was easily #EagleNation.

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead’s absence on Twitter has been noted- no one has even bothered to create a complimentary @NotJereMorehead account to compensate. University of Florida President Bernie Machen is also lacking in social media spirit, as he has also abstained from creating a Twitter. Again, he doesn’t even have a successful parody account. However, this seems like more of a student body-university president #relationshipprob that needs a little TLC.

From selfies with his students to replying casually to FAQs about class cancellations, President Keel works diligently to keep the student body inspired and informed daily.

@bethdg1: @PresKeel @kylecrew1 The most interesting man in the world.” Stay thirsty (for knowledge) my friends!!

: This is hilarious!! ” I’m Brooks Keel and I approve this message!

Some of President Keel’s best tweets

@RJ_3000@PresKeel for U.S. Pres #2016″ Can we move the White House to Sweetheart Circle? Otherwise, not interested!

@PresKeel Good morning #Eaglenation it’s election day. Exercise your right to vote. #PROUDTOBEANAMERICAN!

@PresKeel Enjoyed hosting reception at the Pres home for @GeorgiaSouthern new faculty. Our students & future in good hands!!