W.O.W: What it takes to be in Women of Worth

Asya Fields

Women of Worth or W.O.W. is a female mentoring organization that caters directly to the needs of freshmen women. Their message is to inform, empower and introduce “worth” to young women on campus. Despite the fact that they mainly cater to freshmen women, they do not consider this to be a form of discrimination.

The organization is centered around helping women grow into confident and educated female leaders on campus.This organization is much like another mentoring organization on campus called the Minority Advisement Program (M.A.P.), that is also centered around freshmen development and leadership. Their main priority is also to make sure freshman have all the assistance and support they need.

The mentors and mentored members of W.O.W. are passionate about maintaining the original idea behind the organization when it was first created.

“Our founder created the organization to help female freshmen to make an easy transition into college life. We have suggested allowing unpperclassman to be mentees, but she really is passionate about helping freshman women,” Teyaijah Givens, W.O.W. officer, said.

Positions as mentors are open to upperclassmen and are even encouraged to provide leadership to any females interested in being mentored.