A typical Monday in the shoes of Azell Francis

Chance Shelton

“The purpose of my day is so much more that what I imagined it to be”

-Azell Francis

Being President of SGA is no easy task but Azell Francis manages to do that as well as graduate school and in addition to participating in various other organizations on campus.

Francis started her educational career here at Georgia Southern in 2009 and finished with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a double minor in International Studies and Management. She is now a graduate student working towards her Masters in applied engineering with a concentration in engineering management. In addition to being an exceptional student, she holds the position of Student Government Association President (SGA), which keeps her days very busy and far from uninteresting.

As a student and Madam President, Azell says she has to “evaluate everything coming up” and decide what should be a priority at that very moment. She does this because she is continuously being contacted or working on her thesis, and to do that she uses her everlasting supply of sticky notes, which take up a good amount of her computer screen, desk and wall.

Azell is very involved here on campus, besides her presidential role in SGA, she is also a part of Southern Ambassadors and Model United Nations, which she enjoys greatly because she gets the opportunity to interact with so many different people. She says between her sticky notes, phone, and many to-do-list she stays organized and on top of her work load.

As a person, Azell is a very warm, understanding and a highly dedicated individual that is continuously helping the students of Georgia Southern to be heard within the Statesboro community and amongst Georgia’s vast network of colleges and institutions. She notes that as the President of SGA, she is not the only driving force behind their involvement, because the entire organization is made up of a team of people “who are equally invested to get everything done” that is needed.

Today Azell says that as a graduate student, she is far less busy than she was during her undergrad, but from a glance her typical week is more than just a handful of meetings:

Monday “Action Day”

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.: Work on Campus

Tour for Southern Ambassadors

4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: Model United Nations

6 p.m. – 7 p.m.: Collaboration Meeting (SGA & RHA)

Interviews for Model United Nations

SGA Executive Board Meeting

Work on Thesis for Graduate Program