Club Profile: Mock Mediation Club

Chance Shelton

Diversity, inclusiveness and core values are what Georgia Southern University’s Mock Mediation Club aims to offer.

Mock mediation allows students to simulate mediations as either an advocate or a mediator in a spectrum of situations. Specifically, GSU’s Mock Mediation Club offers students a chance to test and enhance their communication and people skills on regional and national levels, while acquiring skills that will be beneficial overtime.

“[It offers a] platform for social interaction and applies it to real life examples,” Dylan John, president of Mock Mediation, said.

Mock mediation, also gives students the opportunity to analyze and evaluate human behavior and interaction in specific situations.

“The biggest thing [that] I have learned is how to read people,” Jessica Shanken, vice president of public relations and community engagement, said.

Looking from the outside, Southern’s Mock Mediation Club may just be another potentially beneficial organization to join, but it offers an environment of support, comradeship and scholarship to any student who has an interest. Along with their productive atmosphere, they have been internationally recognized and have obtained many awards throughout the years.

“I am a transfer student and Mock Mediation has become like a family for me,” Gisselle Devote, Mock Mediation’s secretary, said.

GSU’s Mock Mediation Club could be considered a perfect example of what our university embodies, which is the “large-scale, small-feel” concept, because this club has been internationally acknowledged and awarded numerous accolades, but among the members there is a sense of closeness, accountability and togetherness.


· Awarded Best Student Organization of the Year at Georgia Southern (2013/2014) – Small Club Category

· Ranked 1st in Kennesaw Mock Mediation Competition- Spring 2014

· Assisted with Training National Mock Mediation Team of Sri Lanka – which placed 7th out of 156 Collaborative Advocacy pairs at the World Championship Spring 2014

· Recognized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington DC

· 8th Place Advocate/Client Team – International Collegiate Mock Mediation Competition- Des Moines, Iowa 2013

Most Recent Awards

Team Awards (Regional Ranking):

1st Place Collaborative Advocacy Team – Georgia Southern University

2nd Place Mediation Team – Georgia Southern University

4th Place Mediation Team – Georgia Southern University

Individual Awards (Regional Ranking):

· 1st Place Individual Mediator – Dylan John

· 1st Place Individual Advocate – Alec Bunkley

· 1st Place Individual Client – Giselle Devot

· 3rd Place Individual Advocate – Jessica Shanken

· 3rd Place Individual Client – Alec Bunkley

Quick Info:

President: Dylan John

Where: Russell Union 2052

When: Every Thursday at 7 p.m.