GSU experiences another loss

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Emily Arnold

Georgia Southern University experienced another loss as Dr. Gerald Jones, professor and director emeritus of engineering studies, passed away in a car accident Tuesday morning.

Dr. Jones had been with GSU since 1991 and upon retirement in 2007, he was a tenured full professor and had served 16 years as the director of the Regent’s Engineering Transfer. He was currently teaching Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics when he passed.

“He was a very good instructor and had a lot of impact on a lot of students lives, and he was also very dedicated and hardworking, so that’s something that’s going to be felt for some time to come,” Department Chair Dr. Brian L. Vlcek said.

According to an announcement sent out by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. David Calamas will be assuming teaching responsibilities for the Fluid Mechanics section of Dr. Jones courses. Dr. Earl Smith will be teaching his Engineering Mechanics students. The exams that were scheduled for Thursday 10/9 in both classes will be rescheduled to a future time.