Easy Gift Ideas for Your Valentine


Olivia Craft

Because college can become quite hectic, it is easy to forget to get a gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. It is also easy to get stressed out about finding a gift that is in your price range, so here are some ideas for cheap, easy Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

  1. Candles. You could never go wrong with a candle. Not only do they help you relax, but they can also be romantic–especially for Valentine’s Day. 
  2. Bath items. Everyone loves a nice, relaxing bath after a long day of college or work. Some bath bombs, bath salts or even bubble bath would be a good, cheap gift for your significant other. It will help show that you care about them relaxing and their self care and self love. 
  3. Candy/sweet treats. Everyone has some kind of weakness when it comes to sweets, especially on Valentine’s day. Your significant other would appreciate something to satisfy their sweet tooth, and they may even share with you if you are lucky. 
  4. DIY project. This could not only be a gift, but also a fun Valentine date idea. Any little DIY kit will do, as long as you and your Valentine get to do it together. 
  5. Flowers. They are the classic V-day gift, and they can mean so much, and make your significant other’s heart happy. You do not even have to go buy a bouquet, just go out and pick some flowers and make a bouquet yourself. 
  6.  A “jar of love.” To make one, just get a mason jar and put in little love notes for your lover to read whenever they want. The notes can be anything from what you admire about them or little remember whens. 
  7. Movie night. Just go rent a movie from Redbox or find one on Netflix or Hulu and cuddle up with your significant other and enjoy each others company. 

Although you may feel that a gift is a Valentine’s Day necessity, remember that it is not about gifts or money. It’s a day to celebrate the love you and your partner share and to enjoy the presence of one another. The gift of each other’s company may be all that you can afford or have time to do, and that is okay.