Receive credit while studying abroad

Casey Cargle

The Georgia Southern University Center for International Studies will be hosting a study abroad fair in the Russell Union Ballroom on Tuesday, Sept. 23, starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. Students can drop by anytime to check out all of the offerings of GSU. There will be tables for both study abroad and foreign exchange programs.

When students head out on these study abroad trips, they should focus on becoming a good global citizen by understanding what is happening in other countries and how it impacts them, according to Danielle Smith, study abroad and academic coordinator for the Center for International Studies. Smith also wants students to take away the opportunity to receive college credit while immersed in the culture in a more intimate classroom.

The study abroad program has slowly been growing and offers all sorts of courses that students need, as well as expanding around the world. By offering multiple course classes, it expands the number of students who can participate in study abroad while receiving credit for their major.

Some of the study abroad program’s more popular destinations include: Italy, France, United Kingdom and Spain. Recently, newer trips have been added such as the writing and history program in Rome, Italy, an international studies program in Brazil and two geography professors heading to India.

“Why wouldn’t you want to go to Italy with Dr. Teeter and take his classes on Roman history while you’re living and spending time in Rome?” Smith said.

For summer trips, the study abroad program tends to look for students with good academic standing and most destinations are first come first serve. Freshman must have completed a full year at Georgia Southern to go on a study abroad program and seniors can choose to take a one last big trip of their college career.

Trips vary in cost but a large portion of the programs cost a few thousand dollars. That cost typically includes air fare, housing and meals for students. There are scholarships available and students can apply for as many as they are eligible for. Financial aid is another option and according to Smith, it’s very beneficial.

Smith said, “GO! It is one of the best things you can do for yourself.”

Countries with trips offered:

Brazil   Germany   Morocco
China india  Russia 
Costa Rica  ireland  Spain 
England  Italy  South Africa 
France  Mexico  Switzerland